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Advertisement and intelligent analysis

Where technology and data unite to maximise your business

Optimise your investment in advertisements with the analysis of advertisement data through our advanced consultancy services.

Carrying out marketing and advertising campaigns requires an extensive knowledge of technology use and data analytics in order to reach diverse and ever-changing audiences. 

Through data capture and its analysis and interpretation, we can bring you close to different clients and personalise their experience: from tagging relevant variables for their measurement and analysis, to daily tracking of metrics. 

At NTT DATA we have the certifications and the necessary experience to efficiently and effectively use the tools offered by the Google Marketing Platform, of which we are a Partner.


Tag definition: Data Collection

With the Google Tag Manager tool, we can add and modify tags to insert them on your website and/or app and capture data. Based on this process and on the diverse needs you may have, we will decide what is best to capture and when.
Another advantage of this tool is that it allows us to optimally manage cookies. This will help our team of experts to follow all user interactions more effectively on your channels.

Testing and personalisation: CRO

Through the Google Optimize tool and its integration with the Analytics tool, we can identify areas of your website that could be improved.
By creating A/B Test we can create hypotheses simultaneously to detect which is the best option, therefore we can integrate it into the entire strategy.

Digital Analysis

Through Google Analytics we will gain a 360 view of your clients, marketing and business needs and we can offer ample support to the development team.


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Data Collection

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Digital Analytics

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Behaviour Analytics

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Predictive Models

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Customer Data Platform

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