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Data & Artificial Intelligence

Data & Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is to drive transformation through Data & Intelligence (D&I), addressing client challenges as a trusted partner with an innovative client-centric portfolio of services.

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Data & Intelligence to Deliver on Your Future Vision

At NTT DATA, our mission is to drive transformation through Data & Intelligence. We pride ourselves on being an innovative partner, dedicated to addressing client challenges with our comprehensive portfolio of D&I services, including new trends such as GenAI.

We are committed to supporting our clients' growth and business transformation, actively participating as co-creation partners. Our capabilities, from consulting to implementation to managed services, enable us to envision the future, leveraging vertical expertise and technological foresight to empower our clients.

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Data & analytics consultancy, services and solutions

The amount of data generated each year grows exponentially, but what many enterprises lack are ways to better manage the data tsunami, easily extract the value in their data, and use it to drive digital transformation strategies. 

NTT DATA has deep industry-specific knowledge and the experience to manage and understand the value of data in a business context, turning information into actionable insights that create competitive advantage.

We handle large volumes of data in real time for leading companies across many sectors and across its global operations, NTT DATA has more than 7,900 experts in data management, business intelligence, analytics and AI, ready to help you do more value and insight your data.

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Data Strategy

Our consultants will work with you to understand your business vision, identify how well your existing data infrastructure addresses current and future needs, and then translate their recommendations into specific improvement actions.

Data Management

To help organizations deal with the exponential growth of data, NTT DATA offers solutions and tools to better manage data across the lifecycle, from creation and initial storage through use and reuse to its ultimate deletion, ensuring quality, data security and privacy as well as industry-specific regulations.

Data Architecture

Data architectures have become more complex under the influence of the cloud and the growth of data-hungry applications like data lakes, analytics and AI. NTT DATA can help you design and deploy an optimum architecture tailored to your payloads, infrastructure, and business needs

Data Engineering

Data engineering is all about the practical aspects of storing, managing and using data within an organization. NTT DATA can advise on the best tools and platforms, and can undertake resource-intensive tasks such as data migration on behalf of the client.

Data Consumption

The way people and machines consume data is changing rapidly with the proliferation of data sources, channels and devices, particularly mobile devices. NTT DATA can help you get more out of your data using APIs, dashboards, and multichannel interfaces to make it more easily accessible and understandable.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

At NTT DATA we adopt a global vision of Artificial Intelligence designed to help you get the most out of your data and make and better-informed decisions. We have a wide range of services that cover all AI needs and a Center of Excellence with extensive knowledge and experience in innovative projects.

Industry Solutions


Dolffia is an AI-based document processing platform that automatically classifies a wide range of document types and extracts the salient information they contain at speed and with high levels of accuracy.


Noronha is a framework for managing the lifecycle of Machine Learning applications during the training and inference stages. It enforces best MLOps crossing the chasm between Data Science and IT Operations teams.

AI Center of Excellence

Based on NTT DATA’s Living Lab at Barcelona, 130 AI Specialists from Spain team with world-class experts around multiple locations to develop advanced solutions, provide services to our customers, train AI specialists and strengthen NTT DATA’ AI vision.

Data Management @gile Center (DM@C)

DM@C services are oriented to support organizations to successfully develop projects related to data management and governance and thus ensure the progressive conversion to a Data-Driven company.

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