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Accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future with NTT DATA Sustainability services and proven technology innovations.

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Ignite new opportunities for a sustainable tomorrow, today!

Solve the complex sustainability challenges of today and ignite new opportunities for the future with NTT DATA’s Sustainability services. Leverage our industry consulting-led and scientific approach and scalable IT technology and assets to accelerate your digital and sustainability journeys, comply with regulations, address new market demands, and drive positive change.

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Your application landscape should be an enabler for your digital transformation but too often it proves to be an obstacle.   

Let NTT DATA assist you in rethinking and reworking your application portfolio, helping you extend your applications into the cloud without requiring major changes to you existing code or development processes. 

We can help you leverage the leading cloud platforms for  modernization and for new application development, so enabling you to accelerate innovation and achieve more cost-effective business processes.   

At NTT DATA we provide an extensive range of application services that are tailored to your specific needs and our strategic alliances with all the leading platform providers ensures we can adapt to any IT environment. 


Application Portfolio Transformation

Enhance the value of your applications by assessing the performance, availability and usage of your current tools. Our transformation specialists work with all stakeholders to design the combination of applications that is better suited for you.

Application Architecture & Development

Achieve the highest levels of orchestration by designing and developing appplications based on the common framework that is most appropriate for you and reusing components to obtain more value from your apps.

Low Code

Our Low Code services help you achieve the highest levels of efficiency and productivity in your development projects, while at the same time maintaining full ownership and knowledge on your code.

Application Management Services

Focus on your core business and let NTT DATA take care of optimizing your IT application landscape to create more value and stimulate innovation using new technologies such as Process Automation or chatbots to optimize operations and reduce costs.


Development and Operations are no longer two separate worlds. Shorten your application development lifecycle and improve quality using our DevOps services and best practices to enable you to get the most out of adopting DevOps.

QA & Testing

Through the usage of proprietary technology and frameworks and world-class leading tools for QA and testing, we can help you reduce time-to-market for your applications while improving software quality.

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