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Green Deal & Sustainable Engineering

Innovating for a possible tomorrow

Technological solutions and consultancy to drive the transformation towards a resilient, efficient and environmentally friendly model.

Our future depends on the health of the planet. That is why, for the first time in history, governments, businesses, the financial sector and civil society have pledged to unite around a common goal: low carbon, resilient, and inclusive development.

The Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda are the main global action agendas for the environment, sustainability and climate change. They include an ambitious set of objectives and proposals that aim to help businesses and citizens benefit from a green transition.

At NTT DATA, it is our goal to come alongside our clients on their ecological transition journey: one which will help create an equitable and prosperous society with a modern and competitive economy.


Climate change and corporate sustainability

Everything our clients need to make their economic activities more sustainable, lower in carbon and more environmentally friendly. This includes calculating and compiling reports on their carbon footprint, risk and vulnerability studies, designing reduction and offset strategies, and project management within the new carbon markets.

Sustainable construction

Greater sustainability and therefore greater energy efficiency is an achievable goal for all sectors, and the construction industry is no exception – especially if we consider the fact that following sustainable guidelines can enable just one building to save 50-70% of its energy consumption. At NTT DATA, we are equipped to work within the scope of the LEED, BREEAM and WELL certifications, helping businesses to make their buildings nearly zero energy (NZEB) or low carbon.

Circular and sustainable economy

Circularity is a new economic parameter for measuring the potential, efficiency and viability of any project, business, enterprise or initiative. At NTT DATA, our services include identifying the elements that make a business's value chain circular, analysing the lifecycle (LCA) of its activities, and designing strategies and plans that ensure circularity, supporting the implementation process all along the way, among other services.

Environment, biodiversity and natural capital

Every activity has some kind of impact on the environment in which it is undertaken or develops. At NTT DATA, we offer comprehensive services for the analysis of positive and negative impacts on biodiversity and species. We identify, map and calculate the value of a business's natural capital, evaluate the risks of its environmental and social externalities, and establish action plans and corporate strategies focused on preserving nature.

Efficiency and the energy transition

As pioneers in the participation of European R&D projects, we carry out energy audits which analyse your business's current position regarding the energy transition and energy efficiency. We develop implementation plans for renewable energies, establish plans aimed at reducing energy consumption, and help to implement energy efficiency measures, establishing and implementing scorecards to help monitor energy efficiency, all with a highly innovative focus.


Water is our most basic and also most threatened resource in every way. Here at NTT DATA, we help take care of this precious commodity by providing water engineering and aquatic ecology services, including offering analysis of water cycle infrastructures, evaluating ecological flows, reservoirs, lakes, fish populations, etc., and leveraging technology to protect the urban water cycle, among other services aimed at water conservation.

Sustainable mobility

We urgently need to find a new way of getting about, especially in those areas in which a high demand for transport has a direct impact on both residents and the planet. The good news is that this goal is very possible to achieve. At NTT DATA, our solutions include information and ticketing services in the public transport sector (Moverick and Smart City in a Box), management of low emission zones (Zentro), and road safety plans, among other services.

Green IT

Most organizations are set to implement green technologies to help them achieve their profitability and sustainability objectives. We call it “ecologisation”, where new technologies become more and more eco-friendly and incorporated into the operational framework Green Computing: NTT DATA's investment tool of choice for a business that is aiming to maximise its technological potential while reducing its environmental impact.

Primary sector

We are dedicated to the development and consolidation of a smart, innovative, and highly profitable primary sector. At NTT DATA, we provide consultation and digitisation services for aquaculture, fishing and agricultural businesses with one objective in mind: to digitise the primary sector and give it a new significance on the market and in society at large.

Smart cities

Sustainability is important for both the market and our cities. Under this premise, we establish sustainable and digital transformation plans for cities (including those relating to energy factors, contamination, biodiversity and circularity) and we implement the measures needed to achieve this sustainable and digital transformation (measures relating to energy efficiency, water, etc.), all the while helping to find and allocate public and private funds.



IoTrace is a unique and secure private blockchain network that manages the traceability of the entire value chain, guaranteeing security and precision. Designed to certify origin, quality and security procedures, IoTrace also has logistic and commercial functions.


A blockchain-based environmental certification tool for the management of CSR certification processes, including all relevant documentation.


Moverick is a suite of solutions and systems for the integration of mobility and road safety management in both inner city and intercity settings, all under one platform. It facilitates the digital transformation and public-private collaboration through innovative technologies and the integration of city services.


Zentro is a Low Emission Zone (LEZ) management solution designed to minimise the impact of traffic restrictions on residents using efficient, automated processes. It is a unique system that controls and monitors access to the LEZ and which manages permissions and authorisations according to the vehicles’ characteristics as well as the different user groups and types.


Häbitat is NTT DATA's smart building solution. It uses a network of sensors to monitor and optimise the reservation and use of work spaces in real time, helping to save energy and reduce costs in the process, as well as progressively scaling the work space’s utilization grade.


This tool leverages blockchain technology to facilitate carbon credit transactions as well as manage and monitor reductions in emissions. It also enables the creation and exchange of value through transparent, secure and efficient representation of digital shares (tokenization).


Umbiombu is a platform that facilitates management of CSR projects, enabling companies to have a comprehensive and thorough overview of all its UN Sustainable Development Goal-related activities, carry out economic monitoring of these projects and obtain all the necessary information in an automated manner, improving implementation and enhancing transparency.


A system for monitoring and protecting critical urban water supply systems. By analysing surrogate parameters, it carries out continuous water quality analyses in order to detect possible waste discharges, whether accidental or intentional, in the drinking water network.

Smart city in a box

Using a SaaS model (Software as a Service), this platform connects citizens with a wide variety of organizations, facilitating public management. It is a tool that connects citizens as well as public and private enterprises with public administration bodies (councils, central government, ministries, etc.), providing visibility and traceability to daily occurring events in real time.