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Transport, Logistic & Travel

Embarking on the Digital Transformation Journey

Solutions and consultancy services for transport, logistics and travel operators

Modern economies depend on efficient transport links to move goods and people efficiently and enable commerce and tourism to function effectively.

Liberalization and digital technologies are transforming the transport, logistics and travel sectors, opening up new market opportunities and creating challenges for operators with legacy business models, manual-intensive processes and outdated IT systems.

NTT DATA gives transport, logistics and travel operators the digital capabilities they need to boost operating efficiencies, develop new data-driven business models and services, and build the stronger customer-centric relationships that are necessary to achieve a competitive advantage.


Air Travel

NTT DATA provides consulting and technology solutions in virtually every business area of the airline industry from digital marketing to logistics, operations, finance and supply chain and anything in between. Our experience across projects, helps drive consistent delivery at pace.

Rail and Public Transport

As more consumers adopt shared transport modes, we can help operators develop and leverage the digital ecosystem and meet new consumer expectations in areas such as Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

Ports, Terminals and Shipping Lines

NTT DATA can help the main maritime stakeholders to drive their digital transformation programs to create customer-centric organizations, improve operational excellence and reduce environmental impact. We bring to our clients our deep knowledge of the maritime industry together with our capabilities in developing digital solutions, data intelligence and cybersecurity to deliver business value and impact.

Logistics Operators

Logistics companies face several challenges in the areas of traceability, planning, agile procedures, connectivity and deliveries. NTT DATA has implemented solutions to improve planning, handle delivery complexity encourage operators to adopt agile procedures.

Post & Parcels

NTT DATA is helping post and parcel carriers adapt to the market opportunities created by soaring volumes of last-mile deliveries and transformation of post offices with new business lines.

Hospitality & Leisure

NTT DATA can help H&L operators with differential end-to-end solutions related to the main work streams of digital distribution, revenue management, CRM and customer experience, data and analytics, and operations improvement.



To address the vulnerability of transport infrastructure to cyberattacks, NTT DATA offers a range of incident response and recovery services to minimize the impact on operators and their supply chain partners.


Globick is a B2B reservations platform that provides seamless access to a large portfolio of activities and experiences worldwide. It can be accessed via API or as a plug and play widget for direct channels, a back office solution and a AI & ML based recommendation engine aimed to maximize conversion.


NTT DATA is leading an EU Horizon 2020 project to design and build AI & cognitive services to improve maritime logistics using blockchain to integrate and consolidate data coming from port stakeholders' systems (shipping lines, ports, terminals, freight forwarders, among others).

Airus Suite

In anticipation of the growth of the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market based on drones, NTT DATA developed Airus Suite to help Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators plan flights, operate them safely within established flight paths, and manage emergencies situations. 

Asset Management Platform for Transport

This TAM solution helps rail and other travel operators optimally manage their infrastructure assets by identifying and quantifying the maintenance actions according to best practices and using IOT technologies.

Living Station

Living Station is a new concept for the railway station promoting the vision of a station as a "shared place" for growth and change. Emphasizes mobile-first interaction, frictionless journeys, and smart infrastructure to offer superior travel experiences for both business and leisure travelers.

Marketplace for Postal Operators

This digital platform, originally developed for Spain’s largest postal operator, helps create mutual beneficially business relationships between postal companies and SMEs, who can reach a wider market through a virtual “shop window”.

Smart Shipments

This end-to-end cloud tracking solution is designed to prevent losses due to inadequate transport whilst providing supply chain visibility and optimizing administration through data-driven parametric insurance.

Travel Conversational Assistant

Eva for Travel creates conversational voice and text assistants that help travel agencies, hotels and travel operators reduce the number of calls to their call centers and give continuity to the traveler’s experience across multiple channels.