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Thu, 13 September 2018

Deprogramming the programmer

The figure of the programmer, as it occurs in other professions, especially those related to technology, is affected by archetypes that have come, in large part, from the film world. These stereotypes can shape the performance of the profession and even the personality of those who work with codes:

Programming, exclusively university territory

Most programmers have studied computer science. However, due to high demand and limited supply, there is a considerable number of professionals with different university education. From my point of view, what is most important to be a programmer is to be self-taught, be open to changes, be interested in continuous learning and be curious.  Of course, and this can be applied to other professions, passion is the element that makes your work a hobby.

Programming, a world of men

The statistics speak. To date, the number of women programmers is significantly lower than that of men. The good news is that the picture is changing.  While it is true that I was always clear that I wanted to pursue a technical career, at some point I faced the myth that programming was a profession reserved for men. So I decided to jump in and now I can say it was the most successful choice of my life. I encourage all women who want to lean towards a technological career to do so and never stop reaching their goals. There are some great feminine role models who have made history in the world of technology. Let's follow in their steps.

Programmers are lonely people

The figure of the programmer is inevitably linked to a computer and therefore perceived as uncommunicative, somewhat reserved and with few friends. Many people believe that programmers lead a somewhat boring life. False. To be a programmer it is essential to work in a team. In this sense, everis is a company that promotes camaraderie, with activities outside of strictly work that help people to get to know each other. The more communication there is in a team, the better the results obtained from it.

Programming is for young people

The figure of the programmer is associated with a young person... programmers also have years of experience! There is no doubt that programming starts early and that the experience gained results in a profile that is more dedicated to analysis and management, although there are also many senior programmers who are fundamental for new programmers' development and learning. They are "old rockers" who share their knowledge and help us to grow.

All computer scientists are programmers

If you move in the computer world, you will surely have been asked to "take a look at a computer" on more than one occasion. People associate IT with computers, hence the confusion. IT is present in many professions: systems engineers, testers, software architects, etc. and one of many of whom is the programmer. The programmer or software developer is the person responsible for developing a computer program from source code, although even if the programmer is not dedicated to repairing computers, there is always a minimum knowledge that friends and family members benefit from.

Programming is a very routine task

You can come across a variety of tasks in the computer world in the fields of hardware and software. From my point of view, every day you discover things in software development, challenges arise and this means that all the projects are different. It is therefore almost impossible to fall into a routine.  

Programmers are nerds

I admit, I have my geeky side. I love watching series and I'm a fan of video games. But I also like sport; watching it and practicing it. Even so, when people associate you with the IT world, you can't avoid references to fictional characters such as Richard Hendricks, from the series The Silicon Valley, or Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd.  Both feed a stereotype far from reality. In this profession, as in any other, every person is different, has his or her hobbies and spends free time in a different way, "although when you play the Game of Thrones, you live or die. Winter is coming".

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