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Mon, 03 December 2018

NaviLens wins at the 2018 everis Awards

The NaviLens application aids visually impaired individuals to read QR codes. The application was the winning initiative at the 17th edition of the 2018 everis Awards. This novel solution was a part of the 'new business models in the digital economy' category and was awarded €60,000 euros in prize money.

New perspective with a vision of the future

The project is backed by a team of talented individuals including computer scientists and artificial vision specialists from the University of Alicante. They work in conjunction with Neosistec, an expert in developing mobile applications. They began work in 2012 to devise a solution to help visually impaired individuals to move about freely.

One of the several disadvantages faced by individuals with visual disabilities corresponds to the difficulty of finding the QR codes since they are logically unaware of the precise location. The search for a solution to this problem formed the starting point for the team of professionals five years ago. Subsequently, they devised a marker that  changed the lives of several people.

The application based on an artificial vision algorithm can simultaneously read several markers located at a distance (without focus) while an individual moves. It requires low maintenance and is advantageous since it can run on mid-range mobile devices.  It is characterized by a simple operation procedure, and this corresponds to another significant advantage.

In the project, computer technician Pedro Esquiva is a key figure in developing the application. He detailed the problems faced by a blind individual in daily life. 


NaviLens moved from its project phase to become a reality and was enthusiastically received in the market. The application was first launched in the public transport system in Barcelona. It allows individuals who use the metro and buses to move about independently. 

The NaviLens application is designed for all users and not just for the visually impaired since it offers the same digital signage to everyone. Hence, the solution aids individuals such as visitors who use transport networks in their home countries by offering information in the user's native language.

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