Habität: a key element in the future of the workplace. | NTT DATA

Thu, 23 March 2023

Habität: a key element in the future of the workplace.

At NTT DATA, we are committed to looking for new ways to improve our own way of working and serving our clients. Settling for the status quo would only undermine our ability to work as a team to deliver the future of society.

Delivering the workplace of the future considering the changes in how we work and the need to be environmentally conscious were major motivators in our decision to integrate Habität, an advanced solution developed in-house.

The challenge

The goal was to provide enough and accessible working areas to service employees that worked at the office while managing environmental factors and to being done in an energy and cost-efficient manner.

The solution

We implemented Habität in our Offices located in Madrid in October of 2021, with the objective of supplying sufficient workplace facilities to give our employees the best experience without wasting space and energy in areas that are not occupied.

Furthermore, optimization has cut costs in environmental management such as as air conditioning.

Such advanced monitoring in real time through IoT sensors has allowed us to make data-driven decisions for optimal property management, reducing structural costs and energy wastage.

As a result, in our first year of usage we have been able to recover our full investment due to the effective optimization of our offices.

Habitat: a key element in the future.

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