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From Challenge to Opportunity

We went looking for inspiration, and we found it, through client case studies that show how innovators use technology for successful problem-solving
In every sector we found innovators delivering exponential growth through collaboration, innovation and partnership. Find out how they confronted their biggest challenges- and used inspiration to create opportunity. 
JJ Delgado teams with NTT DATA to explore how business leaders use inspirational technology to turn challenge into success.  

Explore the power of inspiration with us. 

What is the Inspiration Hub?

We created the Inspiration Hub as a meeting point for sharing ideas. This is where we bring together true innovators from different sectors, types of business and geography, all with one factor in common: a proven ability to deliver exponential growth through the power of collaboration, innovation and partnership. 

On this site we ask successful clients and partners how they were able to turn their greatest challenges- the ones they struggle with, day in and day out- into business opportunity, through innovation and partnership. 
In every case, they worked with NTT DATA to use emerging technology as the key to transformation, change and profitable growth.

We wanted to get beneath the surface and explore the deeper insights real innovators can offer. So we have created video case studies, hosted by legendary start-up guru, author and influencer JJ Delgado, to investigate how innovators confronted their challenges and turned them into growth opportunities. 

A very special host

NTT DATA is delighted to be working with JJ Delgado on this long-term project. 

He was the most successful international sales lead in Amazon’s history, with a proven record in opening new markets and creating growth across multiple geographies and on a huge scale.
Now he is a best-selling author, and rated as one of the top 15 online influencers. He is a startup guru and billion dollar business maker in key areas of new technology. Explore real client case studies in which problem solving, collaboration and inspirational technology unlock new paths to growth.

JJ Delgado

Our advocates

JJ Delgado talks with NTT DATA clients from different countries and sectors who all have just a few things in common: that includes an innovative mindset, the determination to overcome barriers and the inspiration needed to turn challenge into opportunity.

Together, we will explore the greatest question of all for innovative business leaders today: how can we turn our biggest challenges into opportunities that drive fast, sometimes exponential growth? 
In these case studies, we gain privileged access to a whole range of customer insights and strategies. These stories show how customers are working with NTT DATA to gain early access to emerging technologies, and are then using innovation, technology leadership- and just a sprinkle of inspiration- to gain competitive advantage.

Tesco Mobile

Matt McBride, head of Transformation for the UK’s fastest growing mobile network, explains how carefully managed incremental change is making the business more competitive today and ready for a very different future, with support from NTT DATA.

Volkswagen Spain

Anna Sánchez Simo, CIO and CDO at VW Distribution Spain, explains how VW distribution is managing the most important period of disruptive change in decades, as the business moves to a future of EVs and cars as highly connected IoT and comms devices, with insights and specialist know-how from NTT DATA.

Coming soon: Worten

Nadia Miranda, IT Ops & Apps Lead, and Rodrigo Durão, Corporate Product Area Manager at Worten reveal how the relocation of the headquarters of Iberia's leading electronics retailer prompted the transformation of the employee experience through a mobile APP, MyWorten, which was developed with the support of NTT DATA.

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