Treasury as-a-Service Platform

Oixter is a full-stack all-in-one digital capital market analytics and end-to-end treasury processing suite with fully customizable integrations and world-class compatibility.

This Treasury-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution allows full control of all integrated treasury and capital markets processes, including the management of risks and full access to all up-to-the-minute result information. This solution lets you access key business functions related to capital markets, offering a wide range of tools powered by an up and running prepackaged Calypso providing complete support from front office to accounting.

Oixter allows a certain level of customization according to your needs, facilitating the installation of products and extra modules.

Oixter can be easily scaled up by adding or removing additional modules

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Treasury takes control

Treasury and capital markets frameworks can be complex, but an “as a service” solution can help to mitigate risks, reduce timeframes, and increase vision in expense forecasting. Oixter can reinforce automation and standardization and all treasury activity can be translated into a simple and transparent billing model.

Oixter adopts predictive modeling, allowing you to visualize what really matters by reorienting your workforce to focus on higher-value activities.

Cloud-based Infraestructure

Leveraging on leading cloud suppliers and reducing time-to-market for new Service and product.

BPaaS services

Including end-user helpdesk and market data maintenance.

State-of-the-art software

Licensed by Calypso Technology, on one of the leaders in Treasury and Capital Markets.

SaaS Services

Including I/O monitoring, EoD batch supervison, and regular version upgrade.

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