NTT DATA has developed a 5G solution to create 'connected stadiums' | NTT DATA

Thu, 12 May 2022

NTT DATA has developed a 5G solution to create 'connected stadiums'

NTT DATA has publicly tested a concept based on Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality technologies that aims to enrich fans’ experience of sporting events by allowing spectators to interact in real time with everything that is happening.

The company has also announced that it will participate for the fifth consecutive year in the new edition of TM Forum's Catalyst programme where it will present two innovative projects, both built on 5G technology.

NTT DATA, one of the world's largest IT services company, has unveiled a new 5G solution for sporting events. This solution enables real-time video processing coupled with technologies such as edge computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create new digital content that sports spectators can access from their smartphones. Fans at these events will have the chance to experience what a 'connected stadium' is really like.

The explosion of streaming, the emergence of multiple platforms for viewing content of all kinds and the shift of companies’ strategy towards enhancing users’ experiences are some of the milestones that have been developed in recent years. NTT DATA wants to go one step further in the sporting events industry with the unique functionalities offered by 5G technology.

Real-time digital content

Using high-definition cameras with 5G connectivity and applying computerised vision to the movement of players, the referee and the ball, can generate high-value digital content for spectators on an augmented reality application. Once the movement has been recorded, the information can be analysed in several ways:

  • Tactical content: simulation of players’ movements and positioning during attack and defence
  • Statistics: ball possession, attacking time percentage, etc.
  • Referee assistance: detects offside, fouls and goals.
  • Heat maps that identify the areas of the pitch a team has occupied and its possession of the ball.

This is possible thanks to what is known today as the "Digital Twin". This solution can generate a digital twin (replica) of the match, with content generated in augmented reality, the statistics mentioned and provide an exact replica of the content.

NTT DATA's proposed breakthrough aims to deepen fans’ experience by enabling them to interact in real time with the content generated. However, not only the fans or spectators at a sporting event will benefit from this solution. So will the refereeing team, which can analyse specific plays in real time.

This solution can also be adapted and implemented in many sectors: control of industrial plants, ports, mines with real-time monitoring by cameras to avoid or mitigate accidents; the security sector with connected quadrants monitoring unusual movements of people, etc.

Teodoro López Palacios, Partner, Telecom Sector at NTT DATA Europe & LATAM comments: "We have the chance to look at future sporting events from a completely new perspective. Fans will now be able to interact in real time with all digitally generated statistics. This progress is leading to the full achievement of what will become known as connected stadiums.”

A demo at Wayra Lab Colombia

NTT DATA already had the chance to present a demo of exactly how this new solution would work, taking advantage of the launch of Wayra Lab in Colombia, a space that offers startups, educational institutions, and companies the opportunity to develop new and innovative 5G applications for consumers and industry.

NTT DATA at TM Forum's Catalyst programme

NTT DATA participated in the fourth edition of TM Forum's Catalyst programme, in which it is presented two innovative projects. This initiative, organised by TM Forum, aims to develop collaborative environments that foster innovation with leading companies in the sector.

Both projects take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by 5G technology. The first, in partnership with Telefónica, American Tower, Salesforce, Matrixx, Compax, Blue Prism and Akamanta, seeks to enhance the quality of service of the Network Slices 5G commercial offering by applying innovative technologies such as network virtualisation, network sharing managed by blockchain and edge computing, among others.

Second, NTT DATA, with Telefónica, Ericsson, Tutela and Devo, presented a platform that combines technologies (big data, machine learning, 5G network) to optimise the calculation of the CEI (Customer Experience Index) and, in this way, improve users’ experience with their operators.

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