According to NTT DATA the future of streaming is marked by AI and the development of cloud technology | NTT DATA

According to NTT DATA the future of streaming is marked by AI and the development of cloud technology

  • The company aims to develop end-to-end solutions such as HYPER, Video Analysis Platform and VQoE to provide competitive advantages in the face of a wide range of OTT service providers.
  • The company presented its vision on disruptive technologies at the IBC, Europe's largest trade fair for the media and entertainment industry, held from 9-12 September at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.

NTT DATA, one of the world's 10 largest IT services companies, points to disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and cloud services as the next steps in the media and entertainment sector. Media consumption habits of users have changed, and by 2025 half of the population will consume OTT -over-the-top services, and it will keep increasing according to Statista.

The consultancy firm presented its vision based on these technologies at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), an event held from 9 to 12 September at the RAI Conference Centre Amsterdam.

IBC is a meeting place for the world's leading media and entertainment companies and attracts 55,000 attendees from more than 150 countries each year.

In a context where the use of OTT services by consumers has skyrocketed over the last decade and, given the highly competitive nature of the sector due to the variety of providers and the entry of new competitors, the application of new technologies is crucial for the sustainable development of these providers in the streaming and content delivery sector.

Ruggero Di Benedetto, Head of Media Consulting Practice of NTT DATA EMEAL explained that “the technology we offer today can bring about a substantial improvement in all streaming and broadcasting services, which not only benefits the companies, but also has a direct impact on better service to viewers and users of streaming platforms. We are talking about the fact that, in a hyper-competitive sector, being able to offer content in a more agile, direct way and with a differential quality is key to having a better position in the market, and AI and cloud technologies are essential to make the entire production chain more efficient and improve quality".

These technologies, based on Artificial Intelligence and services which can be delivered by the cloud, are decisive for the sustainability of streaming businesses. These include HYPER, which helps make data compressors up to 30% more efficient, achieving the highest quality, as well as greater agility in the implementation of new functions; Video Analysis Platform (VAP), a platform that allows easy interaction with AI capabilities, providing "human-assisted AI" to support operators in the most time-consuming tasks; and Video Quality of Experience (VQoE), which through a suite of continuous improvement solutions and services covers the entire video production and delivery value chain, including a diagnostic and monitoring platform capable of detecting and predicting user experience failures for proactive management and incorporating automated testing to view, capture and analyze streaming video as seen by end users.

NTT DATA is working to ensure that these technologies have a real development and application in the value chain of suppliers in a comprehensive manner, offering them a direct benefit in the improvement of operational processes, as well as to end users through a higher quality of content.

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