AI most frightening technology for IT professionals, yet the most promising on the business front | NTT DATA

AI most frightening technology for IT professionals, yet the most promising on the business front

Yet one in three also experience AI as most positive technology

Almost one in three IT professionals (29%) find Artificial Intelligence (AI) the most frightening technology in terms of the future. IT professionals are thus apparently wary of what this technology may bring about on a business level. This is according to research by technology consultant NTT DATA among more than 500 IT professionals. In contrast, creating a paradox, 20 percent see AI as the most positive technology on the business front.

AI is most important technology for the workplace

AI is also currently seen as the most important technology for business by 62 percent of IT professionals. For example, the main reasons for using AI are setting up more efficient processes (50%), increasing productivity (41%) and being ahead of the curve in the market (35%). It is therefore not surprising that fourteen percent of Dutch organizations currently spend the most money on AI.

AI not yet embraced everywhere

Still, not all organizations are using AI yet (53%). The largest group not yet using it indicates having too little knowledge in-house (28%). In contrast, there is a group of IT professionals who say they are already experts in AI (18%). For only 16%, the reason for not using AI is lack of interest in the technology. For example, this may be because AI cannot move the business forward.

Michiel Donders, Energy & Utilities Lead at NTT DATA: "It is not surprising that almost a third of IT professionals see AI as a frightening technology with all the news reports we have seen lately. In addition, various experts are also sounding the alarm and this fear stems from uncertainties about the possibilities and future consequences of AI. Nevertheless, the technology can also offer many opportunities for organizations, such as increasing efficiency and productivity, and a large part of the business community in the Netherlands is already using it. So take a good look at how AI can help your business, but do not lose sight of the possible risks. As with any emerging technology, it is important to properly inform colleagues about its use, and to take any doubts seriously. If the technology is accepted throughout the organization and implemented correctly, it can lead to great results.”

About the survey

This survey was conducted on behalf of NTT DATA by PanelWizard among 503 salaried Dutch people (18+) who can describe their current position as IT professional, IT manager or IT specialist. They are employed in financial institutions, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, information and communications and transportation. This survey examined emerging technologies 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Intelligent Automation, Internet of Things, Low code and VR, AR & XR.