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Fri, 29 July 2022

BBVA introduces a comprehensive cloud-based solution for the automated management of its sustainability data

BBVA has implemented a comprehensive cloud-based solution allowing it to simplify the way it sends and validates information, measures its carbon footprint and monitors reductions in carbon emissions. In short, it allows companies to actively manage their sustainability goals in a data-driven way. 

Sustainability is one of BBVA’s transformative pillars, meaning it is a strategic priority across all of the bank's operations, including the management and improvement of its own workplaces. To this end, the financial services company has introduced Net Zero Cloud for Salesforce. It’s a cloud-based tool enabling the integrated management of environmental data across their corporate offices. In doing so, the company will improve the way it measures its carbon footprint and eliminate manual procedures.  

The new system automates data entry and calculations, provides a detailed and comprehensive global analysis of energy usage at the Group's properties, and establishes alerts on key indicators. To help integrate this solution, BBVA has chosen NTT DATA, a company specialising in systems integration. 

This new platform will allow BBVA to monitor the main environmental indicators of its corporate buildings and the commercial network of offices in the countries where it operates. In addition, it will generate different scenarios to measure the evolution of its indicators against its environmental commitments.  

“At BBVA we are committed to finding the best solutions that will lead to a sustainable green transition. We incorporate sustainability into all of our day-to-day operations – in our relationships with our customers, in our internal processes and in the management of our corporate premises,” says Desirée Granda, Global Head of Corporate Premises and Services at BBVA. The bank's premises already have the highest sustainability standards and "this latest development allows us to make quicker, more agile decisions, and to pursue the goals set out in our Global Eco-Efficiency Plan." This plan outlines year-on-year targets focused on specific impact reduction, such as reducing electricity consumption per employee by 10%, total energy consumption by 7%, water and paper consumption by 11% and net waste by 4%.  

With Salesforce's Net Zero Cloud, BBVA will standardise emissions calculation in the countries where it operates, enabling it to monitor its own set objectives. Equally, this solution will analyse the data through reports and dashboards to meet the organisation’s different reporting levels. And it will do so with a reliable database that the bank can use to develop its carbon footprint reduction strategy. 

NTT DATA's role was to integrate the solution with BBVA's systems, develop the calculation processes and implement the reporting and dashboard system. Eva Martino, who is responsible for BBVA's global account at NTT DATA, explains: “Innovation and technology are essential to achieve real sustainability goals, improving social responsibility and supporting the business development of each company. Achieving integrated management is not only about collecting available data, but also about being able to measure this data collectively. It can then be used as a basis for analysis to help make forward-looking decisions – a challenge facing all companies in the future, and one in which BBVA is taking the lead with projects such as this.”   

“In order to develop an effective climate action plan and a roadmap towards zero emissions, the starting point has to be the accurate measurement of each organisation's carbon footprint,” says Alejandro Romero, Vice President and Head of Financial Services Iberia at Salesforce. “BBVA is demonstrating its commitment and leadership in this area, and we're proud that they’re using our technology to meet this challenge,” he adds. 

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