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The capacities of everis TŌGŌ, recognized at the Step Two Awards

Amadeus, which uses the everis solution TŌGŌ for its employees on a global basis, has been recognized at the Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards for the capacities of the integral system implemented in its intranet. everis TŌGŌ is created by the business consultancy everis and is intended to help employees to share contents socially, to effectively collaborate in Microsoft Teams and to boost user productivity while improving content management in Microsoft 365.

The Intranet and Digital Workplace awards are global awards that recognize outstanding contributions to the fields of intranets and digital workplaces, which deliver business value to the wider community, as well as the providers of notable solutions that provide support to organizations, such as everis.

Within a dynamic environment where the use of intranets, integral digital experiences and digital workplaces that synthesize and consolidate the functionalities of companies to improve employee connections are increasingly relevant, it is essential to collaborate with experts that are able to provide personalized solutions tailored to business models.

Accordingly, and in order to improve employees’ digital experience and effectively manage knowledge within the company, Amadeus decided to collaborate with everis in the integration of its internal platform for employees. This space, which has been named NEO, is a management tool for more than 19,000 employees that allows them to connect with each other, and provides them with the tools and the news that they require to fulfil their day to day functions.

This platform was built based on everis’ experience in building intranets and digital work solutions with SharePoint and Microsoft 365. The platform was effectively implemented by everis and its content was subsequently adapted. Decisions regarding the structure were then taken and the administration was put in place, these tasks requiring somewhat more time to execute.

We have sought to place the employee at the center of this journey, which involves completely overhauling the platform, developing a completely new strategy for knowledge management and revising all the content”, states Jorge Ramo López, the Digital Experience Manager at everis.

In this case, Amadeus elected to use everis’ solution for two main reasons. Firstly, for its close relationship with the consulting company which has proved to be solid and decisive, and secondly, for the four critical functionalities that it offered to Amadeus: personalization and adaptation according to user preferences and profiles; a global navigation system designed for TŌGŌ that makes it easy to perform different tasks; an app launcher that allows all apps to be directly launched from the menu; and especially for the integration with Microsoft Teams.

“We needed to create a unique digital experience for employees that would be relevant, social, friendly and effective, and which would provide increased personalization options for each employee based on their needs, and we’ve managed this in collaboration with everis and their experience in intranets and internal management, in addition to their technological capacities”, states Elena Velázquez, Culture, Collaboration & Employee Engagement Senior Manager at Amadeus.


Along with this recognition, everis has received Microsoft’s Partner of the Year 2020 award for Spain, thanks to its demonstrated excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology, such as everis TŌGŌ.

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