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ClarkeModet and everis introduce Idectory - the patent tracking tool that uses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

everis and ClarkeModet, an international group of companies specializing in intellectual property, have introduced Idectory - an innovative patent search engine that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide customized strategic information taken from tens of thousands of patents and scientific article databases located around the world.

This tool will make it easier for organizations to locate key information about technologies of interest along with how they have evolved over time, and help them find key markets in which they can deploy their innovations and potential partners to implement them. Idectory also allows monitoring of competitors' innovation-related activity. 

The importance intellectual property in the new global scenario - in which science, technology and innovation have played a key part - is behind the launch of this solution. As Farrokh Keneshkar, ClarkeModet Group General Manager explains ‘The strategic information we glean from the patent market is crucial in today's changing environment, as it allows us to gain competitive advantages, react in time to situational changes, and improve the strategic and tactical planning of any business. Idectory is therefore an essential solution for any R&D&I process and can serve as a lever for the recovery and growth of such organizations- especially at a complex time like the present.’

This application is a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, which are used to simplify the traditionally costly process of searching and analyzing public patent and scientific article databases, thus making companies' efforts on related matters more efficient. The tool is based on a proprietary algorithm developed by everis in collaboration with ClarkeModet. It makes searches easier by adapting them to the user's language and specific needs and providing immediate and personalized results. Through its search process, the application allows a system of alerts to be established so that the company in question has up-to-date information in real-time.

The end-to-end development of the application, based on everis's proprietary algorithm, improves the reliability of results and democratizes organizations' access to this type of analysis, meaning they will no longer have to depend solely on highly specialized technical knowledge or a large budget if they want to understand the market. Idectory is more efficient, adaptable and learns from its users,’ explains Óscar Abril, Head of Public Sector Europe at everis.

How does it work?

Any technology-based organization or with a strong R&D function can use Idectory directly, accessing it at any time and location. The application has a search engine where users carry out searches on technologies that they are interested in, using short text with keywords. They are immediately provided with a full report covering the following: 

  • State of art: patents and scientific articles related to such technology.The user will learn if the innovation or other similar innovations are already protected by third parties or any studies have been done in that area.
  • Technology trends. What other companies are protecting in their area of interest and how it has evolved over time, providing access to advances developed by third parties which users can harness in their own innovation process.
  • Main applicants. Ascertain who your competitors and potential allies are when it comes to developing or deploying the technology. 
  • Main markets. Countries where there is greater investment in related technologies.
  • Technological and market positioning of companies and countries working on similar research and development programs.

Users can also activate alerts that notify them in real-time of any publication in public databases related to their technologies of interest.

Strategic alliance for innovation in the area of intellectual property

Idectory is the result of a strategic alliance signed between new technology giant everis and ClarkeModet, the largest group  specializing in Intellectual Property in Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries. The two have joined forces to lead the technological revolution within the patent sector. The synergies between everis' technological knowledge and ClarkeModet's technical understanding in the area of innovation protection will help with the development of future applications aimed at companies making better use of the intellectual property. 

Patents - and intellectual property rights in general - play an increasingly important role in innovation processes and in the growth of organizations. Companies that own IP assets and take advantage of the information provided by this market have greater potential for growth than competitors who do not. Proof of this is the number of patents applications filed at IP offices doubles every 15 years. Based on forecasts, by 2030 is expected to reach 10 billion patents applications filed worldwide every year.

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