Digital Transformation and Medical Experience Lead the Pharmaceutical Industry to New Possibilities | NTT DATA

Thu, 07 March 2024

Digital Transformation and Medical Experience Lead the Pharmaceutical Industry to New Possibilities

  • The paper "Digitally Transforming the future of Life Sciences" delves into the Digitally Transforming Life Sciences and the latest technological trends in the pharmaceutical industry using three broad categories (Personalized medicine; advancements in the drug discovery processes and Real-world Data evidence)
  • This sector’s transformation is based on product innovation, holistic strategies, and campaigns to tackle the future.

NTT DATA, a global digital business and IT services leader, has launched a new white paper on the Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences, “Digitally Transforming the future of Life Sciences”. This comprehensive analysis explores the significance of ongoing initiative driving the future of the pharmaceutical sector, as well as the challenges the industry faces. The publication also presents the company's recommendations based on its global approach.

NTT DATA's Vision for the Future of Healthcare and Life Sciences is focused on a patient-centered medical experience is introduced along with technology perspective that enables the transformation of the pharmaceutical value chain. On the other hand, it elaborates on its solution capabilities to address the demand for DX (Digital Transformation) in the pharmaceutical industry.

The current context in Pharmaceutical Industry

In recent years, pharmaceutical companies have been leveraging the latest digital technologies and data to achieve DX. IT is at the forefront of initiatives to realize business goals such as increasing corporate value and enhancing competitiveness.

Knowing this context, NTT DATA delves into the Digitally Transforming Life Sciences and the latest technological trends in the pharmaceutical industry using three broad categories:

  • Personalized medicine: Personalized medicine optimizes decisions about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a disease based on the individual's constitution, physical condition, and lifestyle. In the manufacturing of personalized medicine, companies produce a large variety of products in small quantities to respond to the individual needs of patients. The technology highlighted by NTT DATA involved in this field are Genetic analysis 3D printing and drone delivery technology, which address the challenges of high mix low volume production and logistics optimization.
  • Advancements in the drug discovery processes: Improving the drug discovery process is essential for more efficient research to respond to the changing needs of patients. Companies around the world are integrating the latest technologies in drug discovery research. These technologies are cloud lab services, generative AI in life science and IoT-enabled laboratory and cloud-based instrument data integration platforms. Gartner points out all of these technologies will become a trend in drug discovery research in the near future.
  • Real-world Data (RWD) / Real-world evidence (RWE): Pharmaceutical companies are utilizing RWD to promote personalized medicine based on genetic analysis for regulatory approval, and to provide useful insights (RWE) to confirm the efficacy of drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is challenged with a common goal of transforming drug discovery research into highly efficient processes Companies that are actively investing in cyber transformation using the latest cloud and AI technologies, coupled with physical transformation through the development of peripheral environments such as IoT laboratory facilities will be best suited to navigate the changing trends of the pharmaceutical industry.

Continued Efforts in Business, Technology, and Regulation to Enhance Healthcare Delivery

NTT DATA believes that technology is already revolutionizing pharmaceutical companies and their business models, and the pace will accelerate progressively.

In this situation, the key is to set a vision for the future that utilizes IT to maximize the benefit for every patient To achieve this vision, it is essential to transform business models through cross industry collaboration between IT companies, medical institutions, and pharmaceutical companies Implementation of the latest technologies such as Gen AI, smart labs and genome analysis will continuously encourage businesses to promote transformation and innovation Rapid development of new drugs, reduction of R&D costs, and the provision of an enhanced medical experience to every citizen will be prioritized along with efforts to address business,

NTT DATA’s solutions in Life science and Healthcare

NTT DATA has conceptualized and implemented an array of solutions for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. By integrating this knowledge and experience, we aim to solve the pharmaceutical industry’s challenges and enhance MX to build a patient centered world.

In this chapter, we will introduce some of NTT DATA’s solutions and capabilities co created with pharmaceutical companies to elevate MX Our approach prioritizes advancing research capabilities through AI streamlining clinical trials establishing efficient supply chains and common value chains to achieve MX transformation.