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everis adapts its biometric identity solutions to fight COVID-19

The new reality that the COVID-19 has imposed in society makes it imperative to include new technologies in order to help detect any possible focal point of infection and to ensure the security of employees, customers and citizens at large. In this context, everis Aerospace, Defense and Security (everis ADS) has adapted its highly reliable biometric identity solutions to offer new capabilities to help face the health crisis.

The adaptation of the solutions affects two relevant aspects. On the one hand, everis ADS has integrated temperature control systems in its kiosks, facepods, and biometric and document identification totems, and also in its ABC (Automated Border Control) doors. On the other hand, new certificates have been developed using secure QR codes that can be used as a guarantee in the healthcare field.

The company is integrating into its identity solutions two kinds of contactless body temperature control based on thermographic devices. As a result, facial recognition devices now allow temperature control without requiring the collaboration of the individual during the recognition process. This system can be used, for example, at airport registration kiosks or automatic border control gates to speed up passenger evaluation.

Additionally, wrist temperature detection has been included. In this case, the user must move their wrist close to a sensor to detect their body temperature with a higher degree of accuracy. This makes it possible to obtain specific data about every passenger or employee in a collaborative and easy way. 

These new capabilities are available for implementation in all everis ADS identity solutions, many of which are currently operating at various European airports. These developments, in combination with the use of mobile applications, facilitate the process without exchanging documents or requiring contact between people, which is especially important in health situations like the one we are currently experiencing.

In addition to body temperature control, everis ADS developed a new secure health certificate using high density QR codes. This technology would allow health or government agencies to issue secure and self-contained health certificates that guarantee the origin, integrity and confidentiality of the data, as well as the identity of the person who carries the certificate, using facial biometrics. This way, potential cases of identity theft or fraud are avoided. In addition, as a complement for the privacy inherent to the technology of the solution, each certificate would be exclusively owned by the citizen it is issued for, thus respecting the legislation on data protection. If a public or private entity requires a health certification, the citizen could use this solution with sufficient assurance for all parties involved.

David Antonio Pérez Herrero, Director of the Identity Area of everis ADS, explains that “the objective is to continue advancing in our commitment to paperless biometric identification and registration systems, integrating technologies and systems that also help prevent and fight against COVID-19 or other possible diseases. These are especially useful technologies in the context of passenger control, but they can also be integrated in other fields, such as access to public or private buildings or business establishments”.

In recent years, the Identity Area of everis ADS has installed more than 200 ABC (Automated Border Control) systems at the Spanish airports of Alicante, Barcelona, Mallorca and Menorca. In the last one, last year the company also launched the first self-boarding pilot project in Spain. In addition, at the international level, in 2020 everis ADS developed together with dormakaba a self-boarding pilot system at the Airport of Linate (Milan) that allows travellers to register independently through a mobile application or kiosk at the airport, and to subsequently access both the security checkpoint and the aircraft itself without having to show any ID or boarding pass.

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