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everis and Covalent announce a global partnership for enterprise blockchain solutions

everis and WorldSibu today announced a global partnership that will bring together the best of both companies to solve the most pressing challenges of organizations looking in enterprise blockchain solutions the way to better architect their business networks’ data and bring them to a real Digital Transformation.

On one side, everis, an NTT Data Company with more than 21,000 employees in 16 countries can help clients extract the real value from the technology and implement all the components that are needed for solutions of this caliber, on the other hand, Covalent provides tools to create, deploy and operate smart contract systems in a modern and robust manner. Both companies have started to collaborate and the resulting solutions can be effectively taken from an efficient Proof of Concept all the way to an enterprise-grade scalable and open solution.

Covalent brings to the table a group of tools and platforms, for System Integrators, Service Providers, Consultancy Firms and ISVs, that build on top of the main open source enterprise blockchain frameworks and enhances them with a superior developer experience and enterprise-grade support. Forma, Covalent’s infrastructure automation platform, typically referred to as a Blockchain as a Service-killer, provides all the benefits of BaaS platforms, such as easiness to deploy and operate blockchain networks’ infrastructure, without locking in customers into a single cloud provider. It does so by decoupling the computing layer from the blockchain layer through state-of-the-art algorithms, integrations, and open source tools. Flexibility, easiness, and openness is something that customers value and otherwise consider a stopper to implement these kinds of solutions. Forma, that has been on a BETA status, is soon to hit General Availability and is being used in a multitude of cases from healthcare financial payments all the way to food traceability and last-mile retail logistics.

The Covalent Suite has a strong presence in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, as the preferred end to end platform for technologies such as Hyperledger Fabric, but its decoupled design allows it to be used for other DLT technologies soon to be announced. Convector, Covalent’s open source framework, has thousands of developers around the world building with it and allows for developers without prior knowledge of the technology to quickly build robust and scalable solutions.

“… this partnership brings great news to all the countries where everis operates, as customers will now benefit from everis’ expertise and the power of our platform either by directly teaming up with everis to co-create future enterprise blockchain networks or indirectly by joining and consuming these new data networks as they grow and onboard more corporations with the advice and support of this group,” said Walter Montes, Covalent CEO.

“Covalent presents a suite of solutions that respond to the specific needs of our clients related to projects in productive environments. With this agreement, we complement our offer aimed at providing our clients with greater autonomy in the design of use cases, as well as in the deployment and management of Blockchain infrastructures, ”says Roberto Fernández Hergueta, Global Head of Blockchain at everis.

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