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everis' Board of Directors is Renewed and Female Representation Reaches 27%

The everis' Board of Directors has announced its renovation today, effective as of June 22. Eduardo Serra will continue as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the everis Group, and Fritz Hoderlein, as CEO. In addition, Pedro Luis Uriarte, who was already acting as an independent director, was appointed as the Board Deputy Chairman.

Monica de Oriol joins as independent director and Miyuki Ide, Chieri Kimura, Tetsushi Sasago and Patrizio Mapelli, as proprietary directors, replacing their previous equivalents.

After this renewal, the Board of Directors of the everis Group is made up of 11 members, of whom 27% are women, thus complying with the recommendations of the Code of Good Corporate Governance.

New Members of the Board 

Chieri Kimura is a graduate of the College of Education in the University of Tokyo and joined NTT DATA in 1990. He currently serves as Senior Vice President of NTT DATA, with responsibility in North America, EMEA and LATAM. He previously served as Deputy Head of Global Marketing for the company. 

Tetsushi Sasago is the Senior Director of the Digital Department at NTT Inc.; MBA by the Cornell University, New York, USA, and graduated in Law from the University of Tokyo. The new everis proprietary director has been with NTT Inc. since 1996 and has held various positions as Senior Manager of the Global Business office or Executive Vice President of corporate planning. 

Mónica de Oriol is an entrepreneur –founder and president of Net4Things Alartec, Seguriber Group– and former President of the Círculo de Empresarios (Businessmen's Association). De Oriol, graduated in Economic and Business Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, has taken various Post-Graduate courses in Business Management in the Harvard Business School (Boston), and in the Instituto de Empresa and ESADE Schools. 

Miyuki Ide is Head of OMO in NTT Data Corporation. She studied Economics and Management at the College of Agriculture from the University of Tokyo (1994-2000) and completed an MBA at the Sloan School of Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2006-2008). Ide, who has worked in the group for two decades, is currently working in the Office of Administration, Operations and Global Business Sector of NTT Data Corporation. 

Patrizio Mapelli is a long-standing professional in the IT field. Born in Bergamo, Mapelli holds a degree in Physics from the University of Milan and completed an executive program from the Kellogg School of Management. Currently, he is an independent director of the NTT Data Corporation Group (Japan). The manager, who served as President and CEO of NTT Data EMEA between 2013 and 2018, previously worked at A.T. Kearney, Ernst & Young and Olivetti. 

Everis' Board of Directors: 

Eduardo Serra - Chairman
Fritz Hoderlein - CEO 
Independent Directors: 
Pedro Luis Uriarte – Deputy Chairman
Pilar Zulueta 
Alejandro Ferreiro 
Mónica de Oriol 
Proprietary Directors:  
Chieri Kimura 
Tetsushi Sasago 
Patrizio Mapelli 
Kei Anzai 
Miyuki Ide 

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