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everis develops teleassistance to patients during epidemics or pandemics

The health crisis caused by COVID – 19 expansion results in a global challenge for all society sectors. In this case, the quick spread of the Coronavirus is putting all diagnosis and tracking methods intended for illnesses in the health systems to test.

everis Health makes available to healthcare organizations ehCOS Remote Health, an end-to-end community health management solution in epidemic or pandemic situations, as response to the COVID-19 crisis. This unique solution in the market offers comprehensive coverage of the community intervention process, including self-service, virtual attention, data management and analytics.

Thanks to this solution, it is feasible to habilitate assistance channels and non-presential monitoring during all the phases of an epidemic or pandemic, thus reducing on the healthcare system and health resources.

ehCOS Remote Health allows to be the patient himself to undergo self-triage and to receive a diagnostic approach. Through a questionnaire, the patient can select the probes of their previous symptoms and pathologies in order to receive a diagnosis and recommendations, thanks to the application algorithm that integrates the entire process.

Thanks to these data, the system can keep a telephone follow-up of diagnosed patients and those who, even without having tested positive, feel an exacerbation of symptoms. In addition, those who provide assistance to the sick also have communication channels.

Through a videoconference system and a chat integrated into the application, total coordination is achieved between the patient, the professional and the caregiver.

During the entire monitoring of the disease, the variables that the patient enters into the system are updated so that all the actors involved are aware of the evolution. In addition, ehCOS Remote Health for COVID-19 has a space dedicated to sharing information of interest to patients, and for the development of dynamic forms for the patient to collect complementary information.

This system developed by everis Health allows authorities to collect data to analyze the clinical evolution of patients and the activity of the institutions involved, such as medical centers and professionals. Furthermore, the solution is capable of interpreting the resilience of the health system and the elaboration of epidemiological clusters.

ehCOS Remote Health is already used in various health organizations such as the Hospital San Joan de Deu, which has made this system available to its patients as a means of non-face-to-face interaction between the professional and the patient, the Hospital Sant Pau as a nursing portal for remote monitoring or the Bellvitge Hospital, which uses it for remote monitoring of patients with heart failure.

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