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everis drives the future of banking

Today everis has presented everis bank: a smart laboratory of innovation and co-creation that allows the financial ecosystem the possibility of understanding and experimenting new trends that are driving digital transformation in the sector.

This new space offers a new approach to banking touchpoints in order to improve the overall customer experience, especially in relation to security procedures associated to operations and transactions. The result is a smart environment that is able to adapt to different situations. This is achieved by combining different technologies such as cognitive vision, emotion recognition, biometrics, Voice User Interfaces, synthetic reality, Artificial Intelligence, etc. All of them can improve client satisfaction while allow financial organizations to gather relevant information to enhance its commercial processes providing a more customized service.

Leading-edge solutions coming from Tech Start-ups orientated towards the financial sector take on a very important role in this space with their commitment towards an innovation model open to third parties. The objective is to combine the flexibility of the Fintech world with the security, reliability and regulatory compliance required to form part of the processes of a highly-regulated sector where client confidence is key.

This global initiative, which has been in operation for over 3 years, now offers a new space in Madrid in modern installations in the Paseo de la Castellana complementing others already existing in cities such as Tokyo, Lisbon, Milan and coming soon Mexico City, São Paolo and Santiago de Chile.

According to Carlos Estaca, Head of Branch Transformation Services at everis, “everis bank focuses on helping financial organizations transform their branches into relationship centres that are fully-integrated with their digital channels. These are environments that facilitate direct contact with clients, helping to increase confidence and showing new service standards in areas such as collaboration, transparency and flexibility. In everis we create innovation through the development of our own assets, the work of our excellence centres and the application of co-creation processes with our clients”.

Sergio Hermida, Digital Banking at everis, explained during the presentation that “it is important to help financial organizations to improve the experience they provide to their customers as well as being able to capture data, that is not normally being recorded, to improve commercial intelligence and optimise operative decision-making”.

Hermida adds “everis bank is a living concept that is constantly evolving. It is quite common to come across new cases in every visit that are tested and contrasted with our clients. Some of these cases stem from exploring the technology but always keeping in mind their applicability to the sector and the return of investment to the business. For example, everis SelfPay, a service that enables payments to be made using facial biometric recognition”.

More information about the initiative in https://digitalbanking.everis.com/

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