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everis launches Smart Operations with the aim of revolutionizing the network infrastructure management

This offering of solutions seeks to transform O&M activities through the integration of disruptive technologies into routine field team activities to enhance existing monitoring solutions

Infrastructure management in the telco sector is notorious for its high level of complexity and costs, reasons why companies are looking for ways to simplify these tasks and respond to the challenges they present.

It is in this context that Smart Operations was born, harnessing the power of the latest technologies to reinvent labor-intensive O&M activities, optimize resources and achieve a step-change reduction in costs.

Smart Operations transforms maintenance activities through the extensive use of automation, monitoring and predictive maintenance or automated auditory and inventory systems. All of this is possible thanks to the application of disruptive technologies such as Internet of things (IoT), Extended Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.   

Among the main benefits of this offering of solutions there can be found the possibility to make site equipment “smarter” using IoT technology to allow many operative tasks (monitoring temperature and humidity levels, detect theft attempts, etc.) to be carried out remotely or even automated. This reduces both incident resolution time and the number site visits. All of this results in an optimization of energy consumption and therefore greater cost control.  

Fernando Rex, telecom partner at everis, claims that “nowadays, operators are facing the need to move from a reactive and labor-intensive O&M model to one that is predictive and proactive. To do so, it is crucial to implement the technologies that allow to resolve incidents more quickly and remotely, which implies a reduction in O&M costs and a higher service availability.”

Smart Operations consists of the following solutions:

  • XR for technical assistance: thanks to the use of a VR headset, the technician has access to a visual guide that shows the way to the compromised onsite equipment. Similarly, this headset enables remote support from a specialized technician thanks to a real time audio and video broadcasting that allows to show the maintenance activities that are being carried out.
  • IoT Capabilities: onsite sensors enable to monitor humidity levels, energy consumption, equipment status and temperature, allowing to set configurations on remote and detect the presence of intruders.
  • Smart Self-Audit and Asset Control: makes real-time inventory and asset control tasks easier through a platform based on blockchain. The technician only must scan the QR codes attached to site equipment.
  • VR for technical training: virtual reality equipment allow technicians to virtually access technical training anytime, anywhere. By doing so, they join a fully immersive learning experience.

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