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everis, selected as exclusive Gold partner of the integrator network certified by SISnet

everis, a consulting and technology company, and SISnet, a software engineering company and leader in the development and implementation of technological solutions for the financial and insurance sectors, announced the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement today, via which the consultancy becomes the main Gold partner of its network of certified integrators.

everis has been selected by SISnet as a Gold partner, due to its international scope and high turnover. everis Insurance has over 2000 professionals, participating in different projects that range from the digital transformation of insurance companies to the modernization of its insurer cores. To achieve these targets, the company has resources that include Centers of Excellence dedicated to SISnet in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Alicante, with 50 everis professionals working between these offices, who are specialists in engineering solutions. The Spanish consultancy has also allocated 180 specialists to the projects that SISnet implements at its offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Tetouan and Chile, developing high-impact work.

everis executes projects with leading companies in the Spanish insurance sector, in which it works with the country’s insurance reaching up to 90% premiums of the sector. In Europe and Latin America, the company works with the main international and national insurance groups, executing projects that cover the different needs and challenges in these regions. 

After its recent acquisition by the Prosegur Group, SISnet started up a strategy based on realigning its business, by executing a gentle transition from its role as integrator, to a player with recognized prestige in product development. Due to the signing of this collaboration agreement, SISnet will be able to focus on product development, placing its trust in everis for its integration. 

To this end, SISnet just launched a partner loyalty program, whose purpose is to create a network of certified technological integrators, for which everis is a preferred member and the only to hold the category of Gold partner. 

SISnet decided to create three loyalty levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. After receiving its ranking as Gold partner, everis is also trained to integrate the solutions of SISnet Insurance, one of the solutions that is most recognized by the insurance and financial sectors in our country.

For Miguel Angel Rodriguez, Executive Director of the everis Insurance Division: “After a 5-year-old relationship along with SISnet as solution integrators we are extremely proud of being honored with this certification, because it represents a recognition of the hard work we have done and of our market leader position. SISnet solutions are the most recognized and prestigious in our country and signing this agreement will contribute to driving forward the unfolding of its tools in a highly-competitive market.” 

For his part, Alfonso Parrella, CEO of SISnet, stated that “With this alliance, Netijam, a software engineering firm specializing in the insurance sector that markets and sells the SISnet Insurance solution, accesses a series of potential customers both at Spanish and international levels. In parallel, it endows the SISnet Insurance solution with a group of highly-qualified professionals who are continuously trained on the current version and will be trained on upcoming versions that will be sold in the future.”
everis’s recognized experience in the insurance sector, and SISnet’s capacity of including innovative features in business processes through Zero Code parameterization, make this alliance an enormous benefit for all customers.  This, added to everis’s great coverage, both in Spain and internationally, means being able to reach more companies with our solution, while also promoting our new technology.

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