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everis to take part in Digital Insurance Agenda in Amsterdam

The Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) will take place on June 25- 27th, a benchmark insurance industry event in Europe attracting leading insurance companies and the most innovative startups. In this year’s edition, everis will showcase a demonstration titled Insurance Chat Platform, a solution allowing digital, omni-channel voice and text interactions with clients.

Jorgen De Lange, insurance manager at everis Netherlands, will present the case study-based demo. He will highlight a real-life scenario in which an insured person is injured on a trip abroad, resulting in a trip to the hospital and pay-out of various medical expenses. By dialing a phone number provided by his insurance company via Whatsapp, the client connects to a chat system for handling the claim. Once the basic data is obtained, the process continues via Whatsapp for immediately sending pictures of required documents (invoices, medical reports, etc.). The presentation will show how all this process guarantees a fluid experience between the various channels involved in the conversation.

Likewise, everis will show a video featuring the Head of Digital Strategy of Mutua Madrileña that highlights the benefits of this company’s virtual assistant, eme, developed by everis.

everis Virtual Assistant (eVA) offers an omni-channel solution which is able to answer questions and carry out transactions, leveraging the main cognitive motors available in the market. It ensures the implementation of a fluid experience, coordinating a single conversation between various channels.

Currently, everis is taking its first steps in the Netherlands. “Everis, as part of NTT Data, provides consulting, transformation, technology and operations services around the globe. In 2018 everis also set-up its office in the Netherlands and is currently taking its first steps in Insurance. Being present and presenting at the DIA provides us a stage to reach both local and international Insurance leaders and experts. We are sure we will have many interesting conversations with fellow Insurance enthusiasts on innovations from both business and technology perspectives. Hopefully we are able to position ourselves as high potential new market entrant as we aim to grow in The Netherlands. We welcome both local and international talent to contribute to our aim. We are really a starting-up consulting firm with a huge international network which provides a great and very exiting platform to grow.” explains Jorgen de Lange.

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