IT professionals urge government to raise knowledge level of AI | NTT DATA

IT professionals urge government to raise knowledge level of AI

AI is going to totally change our lives according to two in five IT professionals

Nearly three-quarters of IT professionals (71%) believe the Dutch government should be better informed about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and all the developments surrounding it. This is according to research by technology consultant NTT DATA among more than 500 IT professionals. What may underlie this is that 38 percent think AI is going to totally change our lives.

AI most important technology in ten years

All in all, IT professionals look to the future of AI with a positive outlook. For example, more than one in three (37 percent) believe that AI is the technology that will make the greatest contribution to a new era within the IT sector. In addition, 36 percent of IT professionals expect it to be the most important technology in the business field in 10 years. According to IT professionals, this is because AI will be the most widely used technology by then (29% confirm so), and also one out of three (29%) state that the most money destined to technology will be spent on it. So IT professionals are very enthusiastic about this technology. Only three percent of them think AI will soon disappear.

Berend ten Wolde, Director Industry Netherlands at NTT DATA: "There are many new technologies you can try out or even implement as an organization. AI stands head and shoulders above these, according to the survey. IT professionals are lyrical about it, despite the dangers, for example with regard to privacy or hacking, that are increasingly being cited. That is probably also where the critical note toward government comes from. The government must ensure that business is well informed about all developments and possible dangers that technologies bring. This also applies to AI. As an IT department, take a key role in this as well. First think carefully about what the technology can bring to your organization and what possible drawbacks or dangers are. Then talk to colleagues about the benefits and inform them about the possibilities. Take any doubts and fears seriously and do not trivialize them. This is how you ensure that a new technology is accepted throughout the organization."

About the survey

This survey was conducted on behalf of NTT DATA by PanelWizard among 503 salaried Dutch people (18+) who can describe their current position as IT professional, IT manager or IT specialist. They are employed in financial institutions, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, information and communications and transportation. This survey examined emerging technologies 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Intelligent Automation, Internet of Things, Low code and VR, AR & XR.