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Murex and everis Support Intesa Journey Toward Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery Methodology

Murex, the global leader in trading, risk management and processing solutions for capital markets, everis, part of NTT DATA Group and Intesa Sanpaolo Group have successfully implemented Murex testing automation solution, an important step in Intesa’s continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) journey. 

The collaboration underscores the importance of investment in testing and the value of adopting proven, effective DevOps software development lifecycle methodology, according to Intesa and Murex representatives. In this specific case, it demonstrates the value of lowering total cost of ownership through testing optimization, with a significant time lapse decrease on patch deployment, Intesa IT team measurements indicate. The successful collaboration was part of a new approach to project management.

“Intesa’s dedicated, committed team worked with Murex to adopt MXtest as part of Murex’s continuous evolution service offerings,” said Flavio Tartarini, head of Murex support at Intesa. “We experienced significant reductions in cost and time spent by transitioning toward automated testing, and saw strong predictability in project management.”

This strategic path toward CICD delivery began with MX.3 patches and will move to upgrades using new testing methodologies. The development and implementation of the new testing process and continuous MX.3 upgrades, powered by Murex’s MXtest technology and closely supported by everis, a Murex partner since 2011, paves the way for Intesa to deliver more value for the bank, and creates a precise, reliable testing activity schedule.

Intesa, one of Italy’s largest financial institutions, is also one of Murex’s largest and most important clients worldwide. Intesa has chosen Murex as its technology partner for capital markets for more than 20 years. This pilot project, the subject of organizational focus from all sides, puts Intesa in good stead to continue its CICD journey and seek similar benefits by generalizing the usage of such methodology as a next step.“We are happy that Intesa was able to achieve this ambitious initial deployment of the MX continuous evolution services suite, which we anticipate being the start of a larger CICD climb for Intesa, a strategic customer,” said Murex Lead Technical Architect Marwan Khalil. “It is an exciting development, and all team members have the right to be proud of what Intesa has accomplished, here.”

Marwan Khalil noted that Intesa has the ambitious, adaptable internal culture necessary to adopt new ways of working, which was especially important under the constraints of the COVID-19 context.

The pilot project completion also reflects a successful use of MXtest, a test automation service that allows customers to keep pace with rapid technological innovations. MXtest provides automated test technology that links naturally with benefits that would come with other services—in particular, full CICD integration.

Flavio Tartarini also noted everis contributions to the project.“With its governance and execution throughout this pilot project, everis was an instrumental partner,” Tartarini said. “A system integrator catered to the banking and financial services industry, everis played a critical role in the knowledge transfer process with Intesa and provided training throughout intensive project phases, working in harmony with Murex guidelines.”

Patricia Badía, manager at everis and responsible for the Murex DevOps practice, noted the importance of agility in the present context.“As capital markets are profoundly impacted by digitalization and COVID-19 constraints, agility and efficiency are first-order client priorities. Enhancing client agility and efficiency through their Murex testing automation and DevOps journeys is strategic to everis,” commented Patricia Badía. “Intesa and Murex involvement and motivation from the beginning of this journey was a key success factor of this initiative.”

Murex looks forward to continuing to collaborate with Intesa on further innovations and stands ready to partner with institutions aiming to improve testing and methodology around continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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