NTT DATA and everis leverage solutions to help hospitals and healthcare research institutions to tackle COVID-19 | NTT DATA

NTT DATA and everis leverage solutions to help hospitals and healthcare research institutions to tackle COVID-19

In light of the global pandemic of COVID-19, NTT DATA and everis have enhanced functions of telemedicine and AI diagnostic imaging solutions to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, providing functions of its solutions for severely strained healthcare organizations across the globe. As urgent response measures are taken at healthcare organizations globally, NTT DATA will contribute to reducing burdens on healthcare facilities by leveraging solutions which are expected to serve the needs immediately.

Solutions with enhanced functions to fight against COVID-19

Since the spread of COVID-19 continues to overwhelm healthcare systems at large, the companies will enhance functions of its solutions to support measures against the outbreak of COVID-19 and launch them swiftly in the United States, Europe and South America.

Telemedicine as a solution

everis, a Spanish/Latam subsidiary of NTT DATA, has provided free cloud-based remote health solutions for hospitals for six months to support home care for patients with mild symptoms (80% of the total patients), principally through ehCOS Remote Health. Moreover, functions will be added and modified to help measures against COVID-19, which will be offered for existing clients in the public and private healthcare sectors across Europe and South America including, UK, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico. Additional features and modifications will include a monitoring specifically customized for COVID-19, a function to link with EMR and a newly developed function of chat bot to improve patient communications, enabling patients to comfortably communicate with hospitals from their homes and receive care remotely.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Image Diagnostic Solution

Nucleus for Unified Clinical Architecture (UCA), one of the world’s largest hybrid cloud-based imaging archives, allows providers globally to contribute studies related to COVID-19 to promote research and development of image diagnostic technologies with use of AI through online collaboration. The importance of this data collection effort is to remove bias in AI training and algorithm evaluation. Predicated on NTT DATA Services Advocate AI program for providers evaluating AI in all types of clinical imaging, UCA clients and other providers are continuously able to contribute to various research activities. All clinical data will be anonymized by NTT DATA Services. By initiating a public effort around early detection of COVID-19 cases, the test data set will realize the development of decision support AI for COVID-19. The services will prepare a dedicated database of COVID-19 patients and provide high-quality medical image data with annotation (annotating specific data with relevant information) with the help of tools for imaging researchers.

In that sense, Yo Honma, Presidente & CEO NTT DATA, stated ‘NTT DATA will continuously leverage local strength and best practices in each region and evolve them into global advanced solutions for our clients and society at large.

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