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Protocols against COVID-19: everis releases an advisory service to obtain AENOR’s new certification

In the current situation of de-escalation that will make it possible to progressively resume onsite activities, companies face new challenges to establish measures to ensure security in the ‘new normalcy’ and generate trust. With a view to helping in this process, everis Ingeniería is launching an advisory service to create and implement action protocols to fight COVID-19.

The service includes the definition of protocols based on the needs and characteristics of each organization. Once the measures have been implemented and verified, the organization will be eligible for AENOR’s Certification on Protocols against COVID-19.

everis Ingeniería will work on the identification of risks related to COVID-19 in each organization, and on the creation of the protocols that must be deployed. These protocols are aimed at protecting and ensuring maximum security for employees, clients, and providers, and encompass the management of specific risks for the organization, including occupational health, cleanliness and hygiene, organization, protection measures, training, and corporate communication. 

Once this process has been completed, it will be possible to start the certification process with AENOR in order to audit the protocols implemented and verify the suitability of the facilities to resume operations. To obtain AENOR’s Certification on Protocols against COVID-19, it will be necessary to pass an audit of the facilities and documentation. The objective will be to contrast the protocols of the organization with the methodology developed by AENOR.

This methodology is based on the extensive knowledge of the agency regarding the sectors and best practices in the field of health and work safety, as well as on the recommendations and requirements of different national and international documents issued by institutions such as the Ministry of Health or the National Institute of Work Security and Hygiene. 

To ensure that the facilities and measures adopted continue complying with the quality and security parameters required, AENOR will periodically review and audit them.

For Rafael García Meiro, CEO of AENOR, “trust is key for an efficient social and economic recovery from the effects of the coronavirus crisis at the pace required by our country. This is why we are committed to promoting solutions to generate this necessary trust”.

Alonso Domínguez, CEO of everis Ingeniería, has emphasized that “this service will make it possible to ensure that the organizations are applying the best practices and recommendations against COVID-19, which will also strengthen their business continuity plans and management policies in relation to occupational health and risk prevention”.

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