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Artificial Intelligence

Go further and faster with AI

A comprehensive suite of consulting and technology services to help you get the most out of AI

The technologies within Artificial Intelligence enable organizations to go further in leveraging their data, allowing them to not only detect events or trends but to better understand the reasons why something happened, so creating new monetization opportunities, and enabling the creation of new intelligent services

At NTT DATA we have been using Artificial Intelligence for many years and we can provide an extensive suite of services to meet the needs of each phase of the AI lifecycle. We start with the definition of an AI strategic plan, conceptualizing solutions and their viability. We then leverage the latest architectures and techniques to develop and productize solutions, always mindful of the ethical consequences of AI and actual or proposed regulatory frameworks.

Innovation is in our DNA and we work tirelessly to deploy the latest research advances in this field and turn them into applications that anticipate market needs and offer our customers the most advanced solutions.


AI Governance

The implementation of AI governance is a fundamental step towards a data-driven organization. We start by understanding the maturity level of organizations to define a roadmap to orchestrate the strategy, organization and lifecycle of the models and ensure that the value of AI can be delivered at scale.

Strategy services

A carefully planned, holistic AI strategy is essential if an organization is to get the most benefit from AI. Our consultants are skilled in grounding an AI strategy in terms of business needs and opportunities, prioritize those technologies and processes most likely to have greatest impact by generating value along well-defined strategic axes.

AI labs and prototyping studios

To accelerate the innovation cycle of our clients, we adopt a design and prototyping methodology to learn about the possibilities of technologies in an agile, practical, and visual way through functional prototypes that allow us to quickly validate the business objectives pursued.

Business-ready solutions

Our technology professionals are skilled in a wide range of AI techniques and technologies and apply them in areas such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning, to develop practical solutions designed for deployment on the leading hyperscale platforms to ensure flexibility and scalability.

Responsible AI

The development of an ethical and responsible AI is an objective that is common to all our practices throughout the life cycle of the initiatives. We also incorporate compliance with the AI Act, a future European Union regulation, and guarantee the highest quality standards.

AI Architectures and ModelOps

We offer consulting services, design, and development of AI and ModelOps architectures that are optimized and ready to deploy on the hyperscale cloud platforms of our partners. These architectures enable our AI solutions to be orchestrated and delivered at scale, automating the different flows of the AI lifecycle.

AI for decision making

We can help you go beyond traditional analytics, adding predicating and prescriptive capabilities and harnessing the power of algorithms and machine learning to dramatically increase the speed at which data can be analyzed to enable organizations to make better and faster decisions.

AI engineering

At NTT DATA we strive to ensure the most effective use of AI in real-world environments by creating guides, pipelines and toolkits that guarantee the correct use and maximum quality of data and AI models throughout their life cycle.