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Cybersecurity Awareness and Training

Strengthen your security with NTT DATA

Cybersecurity training and awareness for companies and organisations is essential for their day-to-day operations. A good strategy can make or break the security of an entire company. Learn from NTT DATA how to create cybersecurity awareness in your organisation.

Services Lines

Human Factors

Behavior-based cybersecurity strategies seek to develop and implement proactive measures to protect systems and sensitive information by understanding and addressing the actions and tendencies of individuals.

Social engineering

We can perform social engineering campaigns to measure user maturity against this type of attack, accompanying your from the initial idea to the implementation of a ready-to-use solution.

Cyber Experiences

These are immersive actions where we take users through the typical scenarios of cybersecurity incidents accompanied by an explain what happened.

Face-to-face and online training

We can provide training courses on different cybersecurity topics and adapted to the target audience that receives them.

Communication and awareness-raising

We can Carry out communication campaigns on cybersecurity that are tailored to address the issues of interest to each organisation.

Measurement and monitoring.

A key part of cybersecurity awareness training lies in the continuous monitoring and measurement of the results obtained from the training plans that have been developed and deployed.

Our solutions

Cybersecurity Behavioural Index

This is an assessment methodology developed to detect insecure behaviour and cybersecurity misconduct.


Everphishing is a proprietary tool used for conducting social engineering campaigns that provides various metrics depending on the type of campaign launched.