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Monitoring, incident and threat management

Strengthen your security with NTT DATA

The potential risks associated with digital technologies are increasing, as bad actors seek to exploit any vulnerability, configuration error or human failure to use against an organization.

At NTT DATA, we offer deep knowledge and extensive resources to improve the security and resilience of our clients, as well as our teams of experts, who are ready to detect, prevent, and respond to any cybersecurity threat.

Services Lines

Security monitoring

Our specialised teams of cybersecurity analysts detect potential risks and incidents, preventing security issues related to information security.

Incident response

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is a group of experts who work together to respond to cybersecurity incidents. Their goal is to minimize the damage caused by cyber-attacks and help organizations recover from security breaches..

Threat Hunting

We offer a continuous process of proactively looking for patterns and indicators of threats to anticipate attacks and prevent incidents before they occur.

SOAR and Automation

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) provides a set of security tools and systems, allowing for centralized management and automation of incident response workflows.

Threat Defence Appliance Management

Deployment and operation of cybersecurity tools to protect your organisation's information.

SIEM as a service

Provision of integrated solutions for the deployment and implementation of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems.