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Tue, 10 January 2023

Discover the cloud solution that transforms the management of environmental alerts in the BBVA Group

Discover the cloud solution that transforms environmental alert management at BBVA Group

Data is the oil of the 21st century. As much as it has been repeated, this statement is true, and the fact is that, today, information is indeed the key to business development. But data alone is not worth much. The real challenge is to have the capacity to manage it and, through it, generate knowledge in the company and facilitate decision-making.

BBVA has a proven track record of promoting sustainability policies, especially those related to environmental issues. For this reason, the BBVA banking group considered the need to implement a new system for calculating and managing the environmental data of its centres and branches around the world. BBVA has an ambitious Global Eco-efficiency Plan in place and, in 2021, together with other global entities, founded the Zero Net Emissions Banking Alliance (NZBA), an initiative promoted by the UN. In fact, NTT DATA won the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Net Zero category for this project.

Net Zero Cloud, valuable information where data used to be on demand

NTT DATA proposed to BBVA to implement Net Zero Cloud, a Salesforce cloud solution that automates data entry and calculations. Thanks to this powerful tool, BBVA has a reliable source of information on the environmental indicators of its corporate buildings. With this base, it will be able to perform comprehensive data management, improve the monitoring of its emission reduction targets and facilitate the measurement of its carbon footprint. Data that used to remain in huge spreadsheets now becomes information.

Discover how Net Zero Cloud works

Let's imagine that in several offices of a specific country of the BBVA network there is a significant upward deviation in electricity consumption over a period of time. Thanks to the automation of data entry, this anomaly can be visualised immediately and, more importantly, data from all geographies can be accessed. From there, analysis reports and graphs of the indicators corresponding to the consumption measurement will be generated.

In this case, an alert will also be triggered to warn that, given the deviation from previous trends, there may be a problem with the quality of the data or exceptional circumstances that justify the irregularity. With all this information, obtained in a homogeneous and agile manner, the bank's managers can take more efficient decisions to correct the excess electricity consumption in the affected branches, such as implementing specific saving measures or investing in alternative systems. From raw data to informed decision in just a few steps.

If you want to know more about the project, download the full case study.

Converting Excel to environmental efficiency

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