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Identity in cybersecurity

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Cyberattacks don’t just include ransomware, phishing and cloud malware but also identity attacks. Gartner estimates that 75% of cloud security failures result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges, and that by 2024, 30% of large enterprises will implement new identity proofing tools to address common weaknesses in processes. NTT DATA’s proposal for increasingly flexible IAM architectures with the necessary control to meet process requirements, based on risk-centric rights management and logical access control, seeks to overcome so-called 'corporate silos'.

Services Lines

Digital identity governance

Identity governance refers to the processes, policies, and technologies employed to manage and control the lifecycle of digital identities, access privileges, and permissions. We use a combination of techniques for profiling processes, and for controlling access to privileged accounts and data.

Identity Consulting

We provide a 360-degree view of the entire IAM lifecycle, offering expertise in process analysis, addressing technological challenges, and strategic planning. So, whether you need assistance in developing your IAM strategy or seek guidance as to how to deploy a solution, we can provide tailored support.

Digital Onboarding

The primary objective of digital onboarding strategies should be to provide a positive user experience while effectively collecting necessary information, verifying identities, and establishing a strong foundation for a long-term relationship based on trust.

Access Control Governance

We can implement access management solutions to prioritize security and restrict access to authorized individuals. Our expertise covers open protocols like OAuth and Open ID Connect, ensuring standardized and secure access to APIs, desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

We align our services with customer and market-focused CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) and ensure compliance with legal consent management. Our goal is to streamline customer registration and authentication processes by leveraging features such as social login and mobile logins.

Privileged account management

Privileged account management enables secure IT administrator access to company systems, without exposing passwords. It controls, records and protects privileged activities across various environments, including credentials, endpoints, cloud infrastructures, servers, databases, applications, and network devices.