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Video Analysis Platform (VAP)

Improved video analytics with AI

NTT DATA Video Analysis Platform (VAP) is a modular and highly customizable platform designed to improve the video analysis processes of Broadcasters and Media Providers using Artificial Intelligence.

Through a plug-and-play architecture, VAP integrates and orchestrates all the main cognitive services of cloud providers on the market, as well as providing proprietary AI capabilities. In this way, customized AI functionalities can be added based on the requirements of Media customers, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to their operations.

With VAP it is possible to exploit Artificial Intelligence to provide a turnkey solution to automate editorial media processes, such as the automatic creation of subtitles and their localization in another language, the automatic generation of live highlights, the automatic recognition of people, products and objects to increase the effectiveness of content-based advertising targeting, and the automatic identification of end credits to enable features such as binge watching, etc.

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