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VideoQoE (VQoE)

Customer experience and service quality improvement is the future of OTTs

Competition in the Media market is increasingly fierce, especially in video domains, with established providers and newcomers alike bidding for the viewers' attention and experimenting with new monetization models.

The ability to analyze the market from the perspective of user engagement is now critical for Media and Broadcasting players if they are to keep their customers engaged and loyal, A key factor influencing engagement and loyalty is the quality of the viewing experience so players must prioritize both the quality of service and the quality of experience if they want to stay ahead of the game.

NTT DATA VQoE (Video Quality of Experience) is an end-to-end suite of advanced solutions and services designed to improve the quality of the viewing experience for the end customers, so increasingly loyalty and customer satisfaction and ensuring the content offered by Media companies enjoys their viewers’ complete attention

NTT DATA VQoE is a plug-and-play suite of solutions that aims offer a complete 'journey' to our clients for improving the quality of experience of their streaming solutions


VQoE Compression Optimization

Diagnostic services on compression systems of client's content supply chain, to evaluate the as-is situation and provide recommendations for improvement in content workflow chain configurations.

VQoE Continuous Improvement Advisory

E2E advisory services tailored for Video domains, covering Business Strategy, Service Design, IT & Technology Consultancy.

VQoE Data Analysis & Monitoring

Integration of AI Data Analytics and AIOps to automate the monitoring of end users' quality of experience and enable proactive decision-making for solving end users' issues.

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